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19 March 2009


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I have worked for 2-3 years solely as a print designer (postcards, business cards, brochures, flyers) -- but I want to expand my skill base as a graphic designer by learning how to do web design (it also happens to pay much more handsomely). I can make graphics and pictures for a website fairly easily, but when it comes to the tools and coding needing to actually create a site, I'm a bit lost. What tools/lessons are there that I should use? (If you can please suggest free/open source programs)

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What I want to do is print images of my favorite sports players and frame them. You know, like the ones that they overprice in sports shops. I figure it will be much cheaper for me to do myself.

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What I want to do is print images of my favorite sports players and frame them. You know, like the ones that they overprice in sports shops. I figure it will be much cheaper for me to do myself.

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Logo Design

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Jack Jones

'Not everyone has a designers' eye for detail or composition or colour awareness.'


But you have kind of missed the point, about on-line content!

The NET (as a generic term) is not about Design, or Composition, or Colour Awareness, or even detail for that matter.

It is about communication!

You only have to look at your post and see how there are no paras, no breaks, no point at which the reader is able to take a 'breath' and actually read and take in the content, where is the: 'designers' eye for detail or composition'.

But, nevertheless, whilst you have ignored your own: 'eye for detail', you have clearly embraced the NET, and totally ignored any detail or composition.

It is your post, and as such you should and are able to pontificate and ramble on for endless continuous paras without any, well.... breaks!.

You may know how to design the 'perfect' page, for a 'paper' based reading medium, by the looks of it, you have little or no idea on how to compose a piece for the NET.

But, magazine printing is a trade that is lessening by the day, it will continue to exist in a far lesser consumable way than it is now.

The future is not about how 'you have an eye for detail and composition': It's about how the 'consumer' can get the relevant information, in a compact and 'consumable way', with total and complete disregard for 'Detail, Colour or Composition'

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